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You’ve so many Instagram photos, but they’re all stuck on your phone or hidden in ‘the cloud’. Plus, you have a couple of empty walls just begging for a piece or art or two. What to do? Get a few of your Instagram photos printed from Shiner, formerly known as GlossyGram. Your Instagram photos are mounted on smooth, solid pine with a resin finish (or the new uncoated option for $6), all in a petite 3.5″x 3.5″ size.


$12 per frame, or get a package: 6 for $60 or 12 for $120.
$6 per frame, uncoated.

In 6-10 days ShinerPhotos are shipped to your door.
With a push-pin hole in the back, each Shiner Photo is easy to place.

Originally posted Dec 6, 2013.

Available from Shiner, 6.00.

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