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Gif Shop Animated Gif Maker

Gif Shop Animated Gif Maker

Here’s a fun photo application for you iPhoners. Gif Shop uses your phone’s camera to create animated gifs. I got the chance to play with it yesterday and it’s pretty fun! It’s very simple to use: snap a few photos, set the animation speed, and you’re done. You need to create an account to upload the gifs to the web, but from there you can also post to Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. I goofed around and made a few examples, but here’s my best attempt at creating an amusing one for you all:

One feature I would appreciate in an updated version of Gif Shop is the ability to rearrange frames. When editing your animation you are able to delete unwanted frames but you are still limited to the order in which you shot your photos. Other than that, two thumbs up from me on this really cool app. Gif Shop is normally $2 but as of writing they are having a sale and you can grab it for $1. Hurry!

Available from Gif Shop, 2.00.

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