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Funno Pencil Sharpener

Funno Pencil Sharpener

What is this magical, mysterious thing? It looks infinitely more special than something that keeps a writing implement sharpened, but that’s the whole idea- you can leave it out on your desk without offending anyone’s eyes. Machined from a solid block of metal, it easily doubles as a paperweight. Do be sure to consider the Penpo Desk Organizer ($88) as well, as they’d make an excellent pairing on your desktop.

Funno Pencil Sharpener and Penpo Desk Organizer

Designed by Poetic Lab (Hanshi Chen and Shikai Tseng) in London
Hand polished with mirror finish in polished copper, silver or gold.

Penpo Desk Organizer

Penpo Desk Organizer, $88.00

Available from Luminaire, $89.00.

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