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Fin Table Light

Fin Table Light

Goodness. Who knew the inner workings of a lamp could look as good as this? Nice job yet again, Mr. Dixon. An ode to engineering, the Fin Light exposes the components usually hidden from view. What you’d think was merely a design feature is its heat sink (which if you have no idea what that is, here’s a link to images of lamp heat sinks). That and the giant acrylic lens and 6 LEDs result in a design that is self-contained yet visually exposed.

Designer: Tom Dixon

Aluminium, Acrylic. 6x1WLED 2700K (warm white) 432 Lumen 15,000 hours (dependant on driver capabilities)

Dimensions: Dia 134 x H298mm

FYI: Shipping to the US is estimated at ยฃ69.75. If any US retailers pick this up, I’ll include the links, but for now, I’ve only found UK sites.

Available from Nest, ยฃ329.17.

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