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Ernst Gamperl Vessels

Ernst Gamperl Vessels

I’m completely in love with these vessel-like shapes by Ernst Gamperl. Taken from trees that have naturally fallen due to effects of time, each one is meticulously carved from wet wood as it dries in order to expose the grain in a new way and form. The detail is really quite amazing, and pulls wood from an otherwise normal material into an extraordinary art piece. If I am ever lucky enough to own one I would honestly consider it a prized possession.

Circular patterns carved into [Gamperl’s] sculptures follow ancient Sufi customs and are deep synchronicity with the nature of the raw material itself. After the pieces have been moulded, waxed and polished into their finished shape, those same sculptural objects, appear to highlight the life of the grain and the ineffable force of nature which, in Gamperl’s case, has withstood the test of time.

Pricing starts at $546.00 approx. and go up to $7,700.00 (approximately).
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