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Epicurean Modular Cutting Board

Epicurean Modular Cutting Board

Nice. This commercial-quality two-piece cutting board brings modularity to the kitchen. One side of each panel is smooth, so when used together you have one large flat prep area. On the other side of one panel there’s a bread surface and a juice groove on the other, so you’re pretty much covered for any cutting surface. Used alone or together, you can configure the boards to suit your preparation needs. Available in Natural with a Slate core or Slate with a Natural core. (And, yes, it will fit in the dishwasher.)

-The full board measures 11 x 27 (27.9 x 68.5 cm)
-Made in the USA.
-NSF approved, dishwasher safe, heat resistant, wonโ€™t dull knives and is eco-friendly.

Available from MODULE R, 73.00.

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