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Doll Lamp

Doll Lamp

Inspired by the shape of the traditional Japanese ‘Kokeshi Doll‘, this small lamp combines “feminine sensitivity and Foscarini’s technological design research capabilities.” Let’s also say that it’ll be your little lamp friend, shedding light on those dark, lonely nights. The blown glass ‘head’ emits a warm, diffused light while the plastic body allows for several color options. And, as the size comes in at just 8.5″ high and 6.5″ diameter, it can tuck into smaller spots quite well.

8.5″ hx 6.5″ dia.
Designer: Ionna Vautrin, 2012
Materials: Polycarbonate, blown glass, ABS
Made in Italy by Foscarini

Doll Lamp colors

Available from Hive, 314.00.

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