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Cross Brush

Cross Brush

Hmm, very similar to the Redemption Shoe Brush…

“the cross brush is an emotionally complicated product. for people with ties to christianity, the brush represents an unorthodox, even disrespectful manipulation of a revered symbol. touching a dirty floor with a cross is grade A defacement in certain circles. i think, though, that it can be seen as an example of how the christian cross is constantly being re-interpreted by different cultures. in the early 21st century, this vaguely troubling, slightly wrong-shaped object poses a lot of questions about shared values. it’s also an amusing visual pun of the phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness”, and fun to have around as an engaging (and sometimes shocking) conversation piece. its 16″ x 10″ size also provides a large surface area for scrubbing, if you’re inclined to pay your penance that way.”

$128.00, Buy it here.


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