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Complete Carving Set

Complete Carving Set

Vegans, ignore this post. Just skip on down to the next one. Now, omnivores, it’s not even Halloween and here we are talking about Thanksgiving. What gives? Well, it’s better to be prepared and get what you need when it’s in stock than wait until the last minute when it’s all gone. As a case in point, this Complete Carving Set by Joseph Joseph was in stock when I bookmarked it last week, and now it’s not.

However, you can purchase the non-slip, multi-function chopping board (a.k.a. Cut&Carve™ Plus, $18) and the 8” carving knife and a 7.5” carving fork which join neatly together with magnets and store safely inside a protective sheath (a.k.a. Duo™ Carve, $30) separately, or put your name on the waiting list for when the set is back in stock.

Duo™ Carve, $30: knife blade is made from Japanese stainless steel and the fork prongs are formed from 18/8 stainless steel.

Cut&Carve™ Plus, $18: non-slip, multi-function chopping board which has a double-sided, angled cutting surface, an integrated meat grip and easy-pour corners, making it ideal for carving roast joints or poultry and collecting all the meat juices for gravy.

Available from Joseph Joseph, 45.00.

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