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Clothes Rack by Ferm Living

Clothes Rack by Ferm Living

Would you like an alternate version of this other clothing rail ($399) we posted a while ago? Well, Ferm Living has a rather similar idea in the clothes rack you see above. An iron rod hangs from the ceiling by harness leather belts, so there’s a material/textural difference- a nice touch, don’t you think? Your wallet will be happy that it’s less expensive than the other one, and your clothes will be overjoyed they’re not on the floor (again).

Material: Iron with powder coating and harness leather belts
Dimensions: 53″ long; adjustable height 34″ – 42″

Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

Clothes Rack by Ferm Living

From our archives; originally posted Sep 19, 2013.

Available from Clever Spaces, $249.00.

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