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Clothing rail, Rectangular

Clothing rail, Rectangular

So, who wants to spend $399 on a minimalist clothing rail and/or coat rack? I’ll be the first to put my hand up, despite the slightly ridiculous price tag and the fact that it can’t be shipped outside of Australia. Don’t worry, I won’t buy it, but let’s just think of the many unappealing options (search for ‘closet rail hardware’ and you’ll see exactly what I mean) and then let’s compare the minimal iron rail to all the parts and pieces of those other options. There’s something so appealing about reducing a clothes rail down to just an iron rod with hooks, as it would probably decrease our wardrobe to only a few select outfits. Sounds a bit utopian, doesn’t it? There’s also a Vertical and Round version, fyi.

– Clothing or towel rail
– Hand forged Iron
– Easy installation
– Height 80 cm x width 100 cm
– Only 3.4 kgs in weight
– Made in Sweden

“Use it as a coat rack by the front door, display your favourite pieces of clothing in the bedroom, even use it to hang linens and towels in the bathrooms.”

This piece ships FREE within Australia.
Rest of the world shipping is unavailable for this item.

Available from The Minimalist, 399.00.

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