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Weather Master Wall Clock

Weather Master Wall Clock

Whenever it rains (as it is now) the thought of a hygrometer comes to mind, as if I’d actually pay attention to the humidity levels. If you’re more committed to understanding weather pattens than I, perhaps you’d use a combination thermometer and hygrometer wall clock? It’s not water proof (pity), so do be careful about where you place it… perhaps a covered patio area or porch? There’s also a few variations in color and design (see below).

image above, Bai Brushed Aluminum Weather Station Wall Clock, White, $47.78

Bai Weather Master wall clocks

Support BLTD by buying at Amazon:
Aluminum Weather Station 8″ Clock, $56.00
Aluminum Weather Station Wall Clock Silver/White, $31.77

To see more, search Amazon for bai wall clocks.

Available from Amazon, 47.78.

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