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Nextime World LED Clock

Nextime World LED Clock

If you need to keep track of all 24 time zones all the time, maybe this is something that would help…but, keep in mind, it’s from the UK, so if you’re somewhere else you’ll have to mess with power cord/adapter issues.

Brand new to Nextime’s range is an LED digital map clock which features 24 time zones and the date in Years, Months and days which are synchronised, so when you set the time in London all the other times all over the world automatically set to the correct time.
The clock has an aqua blue glass front, and a black world map with a metal silver case, the clock has two hanging points at the rear for wall mounting and includes a mains cable which is 1.8 meters long in white.

Clock is mains powered.
55cm x 36cm x 4cm

£135.00 (~$187.00), Buy it here.


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