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Lumo Projection Alarm Clock

Lumo Projection Alarm Clock

No need to turn your head to see the time with this little Lumo Projection Alarm Clock. It features a rotating arm which projects the time on the wall or on the ceiling. A digital diplay on the front shows the time and the alarm time (when it’s set), so you can quickly do the math on how many hours of sleep you have ahead of you.

Design: DesignWright

-The time can be displayed on the front of the clock or projected onto a wall
-The alarm time is visible on the front of the clock
-Automatic dimmer adjusts to lighting conditions
-Rotation projector
-Uses DC adaptor and features AAA backup batteries (included)

6.75 x 3.25 x 2.5 inches

MATERIALS: Rubber, ABS-plastic

Available from Luminaire, 80.00.

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