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Braun Alarm Clocks

Braun Alarm Clocks

Are you a Dieter Rams fan? Do you have a Braun alarm clock? If the answer is no, you can pay homage and ensure timeliness by choosing between the three (newly licensed) travel clocks. A quiet quartz mechanism and easy-to-operate alarm switch are available on each, with an analog display (of course).

Designers: Dieter Rams & Dietrich lubs, 1971
Plastic, silent German movement.
Made by Braun.

BNC001 (round): $35.00, 2.6″dia. x 1.5″d, crisp crescendo alarm and toggle switch with green dot on top.
BNC002 (square): $30.00, 2.25″h, 2.25″w, 1″d, no snooze function, but a clear crisp crescendo alarm.
BNC004 (voice activated): $42.00, 3″h, 2.5″w, 1.3″d, voice or clap activated snooze with a clear crisp crescendo alarm.

Available from, 30.00 - 42.00.

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