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Ceramic Champagne Cooler

Ceramic Champagne Cooler

Warm champagne is so, so sad, so you need to make sure that expensive bottle of whatever it is stays cold. How about a Naturally Cooling Ceramic Champagne Cooler to ensure it remains at the optimum temperature? It’s made from ceramic, so it utilizes the natural evaporation process to keep a bottle chilled for 2 to 4 hours. Be sure to soak the terra-cotta cooler in cold water for a couple of minutes beforehand, add in ice, an optional message in chalk on the matte black finish, and then pop the cork and celebrate.

Designer: Simon Stevens for Magisso

Dimensions: 8.5″ h x 8.25″ dia (22x21cm)
Will hold 1.5 l magnum bottle
Material: Naturally Cooling Ceramics

Available from A+R Store, 100.00.

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