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Buba Magnet Board

Buba Magnet Board

Magnetic bulletin boards aren’t new, as you can find them in any office supply store. However, a simple, sleek board that would work just as well in the kitchen or entryway is a little rarer to find. With an oblong shape and a white finish, the Buba accepts a variety of magnetized objects, most notably its companions the Mirror Magnet, the Vila Magnet (3D printed in the shape of a dragonfly) and the LaLa Magnet Vase.

Designed by Studio Macura

LaLa Vase and Magnet Mirror

LaLa Magnet Vase, $17.00
Mirror Magnet, $24.00

Vila Dragonfly Magnet

Vila Magnet, $17.00

Available from Luminaire, $54.00+.

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