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Bauhaus Spinning Top

Bauhaus Spinning Top

I think you need this, and now. What better way to distract yourself from the droll everyday office life than with a fun, vivid, spinning top that demonstrates color theory? Plus, it’s a reproduction of an original Bauhaus design, so you can say ‘Bauhaus!’ whenever someone comments on it. And, if a spinning top isn’t your thing, consider it as a gift (6 years old and up).

Includes seven interchangeable cardboard color discs with aspects of color theory demonstrated on the back of each.

$55.00 ($49.50 Members)
Made in Switzerland
Dimensions: 3.75h x 4″diam.
Materials: Maple Wood, Cardboard
Designer: Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack
Date: 1919-33

Bauhaus Spinning Top

Available from MoMA Store, 55.00.

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