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DIY Table Lamp by Dino Sanchez

DIY Table Lamp by Dino Sanchez

Check it. This do-it-yourself DS Kit 02 table lamp by Dino Sanchez can be assembled in less than 10 minutes with a phillips screw driver (if you’re super handy, I’m sure you can knock that time down to 5-7 minutes). All the components are included- even the lightbulb. There’s also a wall version, DS Kit 01 ($75), fyi.

Available in Black, White, or Blue.
Lamps use 1.5 inch candelabra bulbs.

Dimensions: 29cm (11.5in) W x 14cm (5.5in) H x 4.5cm (1.75in) D
Materials: Solid oak, nickel plated fixtures, painted steel fitting

DS Kit 02

Available from The VITRINE, 75.00.

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