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Artecnica Phrena Lamp

Artecnica Phrena Lamp

It’s taken a while for this lamp to finally be available for purchase, but my-oh-my, wasn’t it well worth the wait? Karl Zahn wanted the light assembly to be “as simple as opening a book”, and describes the light at its most basic level as a “composition of pages all working together in symmetry.” It arrives perfectly flat and through careful opening becomes a beautiful three dimensional shade. Available in either a pendant or table lamp, the white tyvek shade provides a warm, even glow to any area.

phrena pendant light, $78.00
phrena 2 table lamp, $95.00

Table lamp and more info shown below.

Pendant lamp Tyvek® White coated steel interior frame
Dimensions: 21″ dia x 12″ H

Comes with a white cord kit and plug.
Designer: Karl Zahn


Also, if you’re interested, this light was named after the Amaranthaceae Gomphrena Globosa flower.

Available from Velocity, 78.00.

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