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Geemo Building Toy

Geemo Building Toy

Toy? I’d classify this thing as more of an awesome-strange-plaything-slash-art-object, because ‘toy’ doesn’t quite cover it. Each piece has three flexible arms with magnetic tips, so you can build all sorts of shapes and structures by attaching the arms to other pieces. The picture of it as a sort of room divider (shown above) sealed the deal for me, but take a look at the extra pictures below showing it as a weird artscape and toy/jewelry thing. So, yeah, it is a toy, but it could be ever so much more with a bit of creativity.

Materials: plastic, magnet
Size: 5″ L x 5″ W x 1″ H (at center)
Sold in sets of 5.
geemo 1
geemo 3

Available from UncommonGoods, 45.00.

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