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All Dock

All Dock

You’ll be happy to see this charging station, trust me. Yes, it is streamlined and altogether unoffensive to the eyes, which is a definite plus, but a handsome face only goes so far, right? Well, the All Dock has 2400mA per USB exit, and in terms all of us can understand, that means it is SUPER fast. Your phone can be recharged nearly 80% in less than 1 hour, and it’s compatible with nearly all devices. Charge, dock, and store any and all your devices in one spot. There’s several sizes and finishes available, and keep in mind that there’s a mere 15 days to go for funding if you want to get on board now and receive one at a discounted price.

All Dock works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Kindle, Nokia, Huawei.

Available from Kickstarter, 39.00 - 149.00.

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