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2017 Scratchable Wall Calendar

2017 Scratchable Wall Calendar

May I suggest you sit down, take a sip of water, and prepare yourself? Because this is the first calendar of 2017 I’ve seen and it surprised the hell out of me. 2017!? It’s July, though, yes, just barely. It’ll soon be August, then September, October… you know the rest. The onslaught of holidays, etc. Ugh. Maybe you could get a jumpstart on the impending doom, or at least ease yourself into it, with this Scratchable Wall Calendar. The matte black PVC surface can be written on with chalk, then erased. You can also scratch off the white and silver ink, giving you ample opportunity to make the calendar more suited to your minimalist (or maximalist?) preferences.

Limited edition of 200.

Made in the United Kingdom
Dimensions: 27.5″h x 20″w

2017 Scratchable Wall Calendar

This item is no longer available from the original retailer.

Available from MoMA Store, $19.95.

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