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XL 2018 Wall Calendar

XL 2018 Wall Calendar

By now, you’ve probably accepted that 2018 is only a couple of months away, so it’s time to get ahead of the game by sorting out your calendar options. This minimal wall calendar has enough room to make all sorts of notes if you so wish, and once you hang it on the wall, your whole month will be laid out before you to organize to your heart’s content. Note how the weekend dates are shifted to the side for easy reference, that’ll keep your work week and time off visually separated.

Designed and made in NZ

“Each calendar comes with three eyelets for easily installation on your wall, and also has a perforated top for easy tear off after each month is complete.”

Designer: Made Of Tomorrow

Size: 594 x 841mm (23.4″ x 33″)

XL 2018 Wall Calendar

Available from The Minimalist, $99.00.

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