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1.5.1 Ray: Long and Large Board

1.5.1 Ray: Long and Large Board

With an angular profile and etched lines, this is one fancy serving board. ‘Fancy’ as in, really nice and impressive, and sure to raise your cheese and charcuterie spread to a higher level. Beveled edges give an easier grasp when picking up or setting down. Available in two sizes.

OnOurTable’s products are made in their wood shop in Alberta, Canada from ethically harvested American black walnut.

1.5.1 Ray: Long Board, $160.00
1.5.1 Ray: Large Board, $170.00

OnOurTable Large Board

Updated price and link; originally from our archives (posted Jan 24, 2014).

Available from OnOurTable, $160.00 - 170.00.

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