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The Crankerator

The Crankerator

Photojojo is, as always, full of great photography gadgets and such, and among their newest crop of items is this Crankerator, a.k.a. the Boost Turbine 2000. It’s a source of extra energy for your smart phone or tablet, and is charged via the crank handle or by plugging it into your computer or a wall socket. A full charge on its 2000 mAH lithium battery will fully charge your phone, allowing you to take those extra photos on a weekend hike or even make important calls during an emergency situation (it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, does it?). Also, check out Photojojo’s newsletter if you haven’t already- they send out photo project inspiration and DIY tips.

-2000 mAH lithium battery and emergency generator
-Stores energy through crank-power or plugging into the wall
-Charges any device that’ll charge via USB cable (phones, toy cameras, flip cams)
-pocket-sized 1 x 2.2 x 5 inches

Available from Photojojo, 60.00.

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