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The Bouclier Visor

The Bouclier Visor

Commuting or running errands on your bike is good for the environment and good for your health- except when all that time out in the sun results in your face soaking up dangerous UV rays. Protect your face with the Bouclier Visor. It fits onto your existing helmet with two peel-and-stick helmet mounts- super easy and detachable- and once on, you can pivot it up and down as needed. It shields your entire face from the sun, so there will be no need to reapply sunblock (or age prematurely). Back the project over at Kickstarter.

-Full Face Sun Protection
-98% UV Blocking
-Easily Installs
-Pivots Up and Down

Bouclier Visor

Available from Kickstarter, $49.00.

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