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Shadowplay Galaxy Scarves

Shadowplay Galaxy Scarves

We’ve featured Slow Factory’s silk/cotton Scarves before, but just in case you’d like a lower price point, the NYC based company Shadowplay has a nice selection of galaxy print scarves as well. However, don’t go thinking it’s an easy Mother’s Day gift option, as some of the designs won’t ship until the beginning of June.

Designers/Makers: Shadowplay / Ali Bennaim and Ximena Chouza

Dimensions: 56 by 56 inches (142cm by 142cm)
100% Polyester.

Hubble Galaxy Scarf
Hubble Galaxy Scarf (also shown above in main image), $65.00

Thor Galaxy Scarf
Thor Galaxy Scarf, $65.00

Hubble Telescope Milky Way Scarf
Hubble Telescope Milky Way Scarf, $65.00

Available from Shadowplay, $65.00.

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