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Polaroid Z340, Z2300 Cameras

Polaroid Z340, Z2300 Cameras

Polaroid fans, your wish came true. It’s back now, better than ever. Perhaps you’d like an updated version of the original? Take a look at the Polaroid Z340 Instant Camera. It delivers instant 3″x4″ prints, and also has a bonus of shooting 14 megapixel digital photos that you can save and edit. And- it gets better- it’s compatible with your SD card, which means you can print photos shot on other digital cameras.

If a smaller camera is more your style, then you’ll want to read up on the Polaroid Z2300, a digital camera that makes instant sticky-back prints at the push of a button. Stickers! It takes video too. No doubt one of these two cameras will be added to many a holiday wish list this season.

Polaroid Z340

Polaroid Z340 Instant Camera, $249.00

Polaroid Z2300

Polaroid Z2300, $199.00

Available from Photojojo Store, 199.00 - 249.00.

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