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Phonekerchief Valentines Day Set

Phonekerchief Valentines Day Set

You say you care, but show him/her you mean it with a cellphone signal-blocking hanky. That’s right, it’s a nylon and silver handkerchief that blocks all cell signals and says so with the phrase โ€œMy Phone is Off For Youโ€ย just in case you or your significant other forgets what it’s doing wrapped around your phone. You could also purchase it for someone that is on their phone ALL the freaking time as a big hint that their habit is rude and annoying. The ‘Phonekerchief’ comes with a chocolate bar to soften the blow or, more likely, just to make it a more typical Valentine’s gift.

Note: Or, instead, just make a habit of turning off your phone or putting it on silent, which would obviously be a better method of conveying your attention to your companion(s). Hopefully those around you will get the hint to do the same.

Phonekerchief Valentines Day Set


-Cell phone blocking handkerchief
-Includes a Dark Mexican chocolate bar from Taza Chocolate
-Made with nylon and silver
-In order for the Phonekerchief to work effectively, the fabric must be wrapped tightly around the phone to create an unbroken enclosure
Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5 inches/26.67 x 26.67 cm

Available from ahalife, 34.00.

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