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Handmade Leather Key Holder

Handmade Leather Key Holder

The ever-present key conundrum: how to keep your keys organized without looking like a janitor? This key holder is made from rugged leather and holds your keys in a slender profile; there’ll be no jingling/jangling about like you should have a mop and bucket nearby. Thanks to custom set screws, your keys are stacked together in the case- which protects your bag or pocket contents from those unfortunate scratched surfaces – and at the ready to swing out for use. The corners are embossed with the words “Home,” “Office,” “Door,” and “Ignition” for quick reference.

Note: The case is meant to fit regular-sized keys with metal bows. Larger keys, like some large, plastic ignition keys, will not fit.

Handmade Leather Key Holder

Materials: Horsehide leather
Dimensions: 3.5″ x 1″

Production/Design: Phigvel Makers

Available from Kaufmann Mercantile, $59.00.

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