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Filson Hip Flask

Filson Hip Flask

Hip flasks seem to go hand in hand with the holidays, just like mistletoe, family visits and frantic shopping. If you’re still not finished crossing off your gift list (get a move on!), consider this flask, or, if it’s a bit pricey, just plug in ‘flask’ into Amazon or your local search engine and you’ll find all manner of flasks that can be shipped overnight to wherever you desire- maybe even your own home.

From Blackbird:

“Stainless steel flask with bridle leather cover and embossed C.C. Filson Co. logo. Built to hold 6 fluid ounces of your favorite high quality hooch, and equipped with a leather exterior to shield your hand from the cold metal, this classy drinker’s must-have accessory also comes with an easy-open screw top that’s anchored to the flask so you won’t lose the cap when you decide to crack her open in an advanced state of inebriation.”

Available from Blackbird, 67.00.

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