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Bkr Bottle

Bkr Bottle

If you’ve still not found a water bottle that meets your aesthetic expectations, take a look at the Bkr Bottle. It’s a glass bottle with a silicone sleeve and has all the bullet points you need (see below) when it comes to a personal drinking vessel. Plus, the label/brand is unobtrusive, so you’ll not be a walking billboard.

-500mL (16 oz)
-glass bottle + silicone sleeve
-polypropylene cap + silicone gasket
-FDA approved, BPA-free, BPA replacement free, phthalate free
-small one-inch opening so you can drink from it in almost any position
-fits most cup holders – 3.18 inches wide, 7.88 inches tall
-doesn’t leak, lightweight
-100% reusable + recyclable

Pool, Orange, and Gray are currently on sale at Branch for $25.20, fyi.

Also, just saw that Dwell has a quick interview with the designer of the Bkr Bottle, Tal Soltz, if you’re interested.

Available from, 28.00.

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