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Organic Tote Bags

Organic Tote Bags

Time to feature some totes again, especially as SFMOMA has a couple of good ones from FluffyCo. You’ve heard time and time again that totes are great alternatives to those icky plastic bags, so if you don’t have one you’re a bad person. Not really, of course, but carrying around a tote does make you a better person, at least according to the people at the local health food store. And they know everything. If you’d like to check out all of FluffyCo’s organic totes, here’s their website: FluffyCo. (Most of their totes are priced at $56, but they don’t have the red/black Treads pattern shown above.)

Organic cotton tote with vegetable-dyed leather handles.
Bottom gusset to allow for laptop
Small hanging pocket inside.
Made in the USA.
Dimensions: about 16” W x 18″ H

Available from SFMOMA, 65.00.

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