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Newspaper for Rain Bag

Newspaper for Rain Bag

Right now it’s raining here in London (cold, windy, etc.) and on the streets just below my window I’ve seen two people so far that are trying to keep soggy newspapers above their heads in hopes of keeping some part of themselves dry. More than several are without any protection whatsoever, and the elements have soaked them through and through. Now, silly them, if only they had something like this handy bag here, they’d be better off for sure.

So, yes, it’s a bag that looks like a newspaper and unfolds as a newspaper would when you’re caught in the rain. Reminds me of the Newspaper print laptop bag by mitemite that I posted a while back (and bought). Just one thing to note, though, there’s no zippers on the tops of the compartments, so if you do hold the bag above your head, watch out that you don’t spill your contents all over the sidewalk.

Newspaper for Rain Bag 1

Newspaper for Rain Bag 2

Newspaper for Rain Bag 4

Newspaper for Rain Bag 3

Available from Yanko Design Store, 68.00.

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