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Macon and Lesquoy Pins (new)

Macon and Lesquoy Pins (new)

Even if you’re not the type to pin a pin onto your hat/bag/shirt, these pins by Macon and Lesquoy will tempt you to change your ways. Yes, we’ve featured them before, but there’s a new batch out, and, come on, how could I resist not sharing a Radish, Pipe and Smoke, and Bicycle pin? Or an Apple, Crab, and Peapod pin? Do you not have an urge to pick a few and group them together artfully on a canvas tote? I have a curious urge to find a jean jacket* just so I can have a designated spot for a few favorites.

*Raise your hand if you grew up in the eighties. High five.

Macon and Lesquoy Pins

Available from GreenerGrassDesign, 30.00 - 58.00.

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