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Lounge Case

Lounge Case

Incase sent out their new iPad case for review, and honestly, I have a mixed opinion. On one hand, the padded back adds a strange bulk to the normally sleek and slim device, which is just plain odd, and takes a while to get used to (it feels and sounds just like a small bean bag). On the other hand, it’s a lot more comfortable to use the iPad when lounging (hence, ‘Lounge’), as the padded back can be adjusted on your legs/lap for various viewing angles. It also works well for the same reason on a tabletop, as you can immediately push the iPad to whatever angle you want, and it stays put. I took a quick video so you can see what I mean (below). Overall, I’d say it’s well suited for use at home or on a desktop, as it makes the iPad more comfortable to use.

Lounge Case 3

Lounge Case 2

See more pics and details at Incase.

Available from Incase, 59.95.

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