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John’s Phone

John’s Phone

Talk about a bare bones cell phone, this puppy has no email, camera, texting, or ringtones. There’s no contract either, you just need a SIM card. Stripped to the essential ‘make a phone call’ feature, you can go anywhere and know you have global roaming (exception is South Korea and Japan’s 3G networks). Aaand, it has approximately 6 hours of talking time (and 3 week standby) before charging is needed. Lo-tech, indeed. Created by John Doe Amsterdam.

-included earphone
-Large keys and a speed-dial feature that stores phone numbers under every key make it ideal as a kidโ€™s phone.
-features a pen and a notebook under the back flap
-One-year warranty.

Size: 4.1″ h x 2.4″ l x 0.6″ w
Box contains: Phone, earphones, address book, pen, charger, US plug adapter.

Available from A+R Store, 160.00 base price.

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