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Impossible Instant Lab

Impossible Instant Lab

Just one more thing today from the Kickstarter at MoMA collection, I promise. The Impossible Instant Lab is now available, and you’ve got better self restraint than most of us if you can resist the temptation of having your own photo lab at your fingertips. Here’s how it works: select a picture from your device using the Instant Lab iOS App, place it on the Instant Lab, and wait a few moments. You’ll see an analog photo appear and develop, just like the Polaroids from way back when. High five to the Impossible Lab for making this project a reality.

Impossible Instant Lab

-Charge battery with the included USB.
-Impossible Instant Lab made in Germany.
-Film made in the Netherlands.
-Special color film sold separately (eight exposures per pack).
-Photos take approximately 30 minutes to develop.
-Works with iPhone 4-5S and iPod Touch 4-5.

Materials: ABS Plastic Body, Coated Glass Optics
Designer: The Impossible Project

Collapsed: 2.5h x 4.5w x 6″d.
Expanded: 7h x 4.5w x 6″d.
Film: 4.5h x 3.5w x 0.5″d.

Available from MoMA Store, 199.00.

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