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Helmet Bag

Helmet Bag

Well done, you, for using your bike as transportation. As a sort of present to yourself, you might consider adding this Helmet Bag to your wardrobe, as it can comfortably fit a helmet, or any other round-ish or odd-shaped item, along with your daily work papers and devices.

The front pleats are oh-so-smart as they allow for expansion- a smart detail that’s sure to come in handy. Let’s also mention that those pleats are entirely acceptable style-wise, unlike other pleats on some other garments (specifically, pleated khaki trousers- those are not, I repeat, NOT acceptable). Not a cyclist? Consider how your bento box or lunch pail might fit comfortably within this bag as well.

Designer: John Sencion

Adjustable shoulder strap and durable nylon handles.

Size: 17.5h x 16.5″w
Materials: Nylon

Helmet Bag

Available from MoMA Store, $72.00.

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