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If adventure has a habit of calling, you might think about having a couple of these GearPods in your pack. Durable watertight containers keep things tidy, with several sorts of options for necessities inside. Whether you go for individual kits (first aid, survival, shelter and cooking) or multi-kit systems (backcountry, frontier, wilderness, etc.), you’ll be prepared for the unexpected. A few are shown below, but check out GearPods for the complete collection.

Survival Pro
GearPods® Survival Pro, $89.95
Includes all manner of items associated with survival activities such as navigating, emergency signaling, starting a fire, purifying water, fishing and snaring, repairing clothes and equipment, boiling water and cooking.

GearPods® Backcountry, $109.95
Includes two individual kits: a comprehensive first aid kit (GearPods® Health) and a set of survival tools with a self-contained cooking system (GearPods® Survival Pro).

GearPods® Shelter, $59.95
Includes: GearPods Adventure Tarp: Ultralight one-person silicon-coated ripstop nylon tarp (4.5′ x 6.5′), Thermal blanket, 1.4 mm Nylon Cord – 70lbs breaking strength (25ft), Six (6) line tensioners (1-2mm), Printed instructions (PDF)

Available from GearPods, 8.95 starting price for individual kits.

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