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If you’ve ever lost luggage while flying, you know it’s beyond annoying. How do you fix that problem? Put the Trakdot™ inside your bag to ensure that never happens again- you’ll know exactly where it is when you take off and land. The Trakdot uses micro-electronics to connect to local cellular networks and gives you a text message to report the location. Learn more at Trakdot.

Note: It appears you’ll need to purchase a 1 year service plan (+$21.98), and charges may apply from your cellular carrier as well.

Product dimensions: 3″ W x 2 1/4″ H x 3/4″ D

• Trakdot™ is FCC approved
• Trakdot™ is approved by Conformité Européenne (CE) for use in European Community
• Trakdot™ complies with FAA Advisory Circular 91-21.1B
• Trakdot™ was developed in consultations with the U.S. Radio Technical Commission
• Trakdot™ is completely international, and works wherever a cellular network exists


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