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Coveted Things Scarves

Coveted Things Scarves

If you’re in a love-fueled craze and don’t have a lot of money to spend, then maybe you could get the object of your desire one of these scarves from Coveted Things. Full disclosure though, the scarves may also double as baby blankets, so be sure your message is entirely clear: “It’s a SCARF for your lovely NECK…” or something along those lines. There’s nothing too fancy, they’re 100% cotton, but the script itself will carry your message across.

You’re all I think about too‘ limited edition blanket/scarf, $40.00

I love you more than all of the stars

I love you more than all of the stars‘ limited edition blanket/scarf, $40.00

Also, not pictured: ‘No one belongs here more than you‘, $40.00

Available from Coveted Things, 40.00.

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