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Building Block Leather Sleeves

Building Block Leather Sleeves

I’ve got a nose like a bloodhound when it comes to minimal, expensive things, so it really shouldn’t surprise you that this leather 13″ MacBook sleeve is lodged firmly in the mid-$300 price range*. A smooth black exterior with a nude leather interior hits the right note of functional luxury without any extraneous details to get in the way of your daily work routine (or your excellent appearance). There’s the 11″ size as well as the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini Sleeve, so there’s something to suit each of your devices.

Building Block Leather Sleeves interior

Building Block 13″ MacBook Air Leather Sleeve, $345.00, L14.5″ x H10.5″
Building Block 11″ MacBook Air Leather Sleeve, $310.00, L13″ x H8.5″
iPad Mini Leather Sleeve, $240.00, L7โ€ย x H9โ€ย

Building Block iPad Mini Leather Sleeve

*I might just be adding one of these to my holiday wish list, in hopes that Santa has a little extra money to burn.

Updated retail link; originally posted Oct 2, 2015.

Available from Building Block, $240.00 - 345.00.

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