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Bamboo Round Bento Box

Bamboo Round Bento Box

With all that effort that goes into selecting and packing your lunch, shouldn’t you pack it into something that’s perfectly sized and thoughtfully crafted? Perhaps like this Bamboo Bento Box? Bento boxes are classic Japanese lunch/snack carriers, and you’d do well to take a page out of the traditional book when it comes to serving sizes. At 4″ long, 6″ wide, and 5″ deep, you’ll not pack too much, and, as bamboo is durable and lightweight, it’ll suit your commute quite well. Two layers of containers stack vertically with an elastic band for security. Also available in a Rectanglar version.

Bamboo Round Bento Box

MINOTAKE collection
Material: Bamboo with urethane coating (food safe)

Overall Dimension: L 4″ x W6″ x H3.5″
Produced By: Kohchosai Kosuga, Kyoto
Handmade In: Kyoto, Japan

Available from Baum-Kuchen, 105.00.

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