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Balance Pen and Stylus

Balance Pen and Stylus

I now feel as if it is my personal mission to appraise you of any and all decent styli that hit the market, if only to arm you with information should friends/colleagues discuss the lack of acceptable options. The Balance Pen and Stylus is just that- both pen and stylus- so you need not fumble between two implements when you switch from digital device to paper.

Designer: Wan Sui Ping for Ten Design Stationery

– Satin black
– Ballpoint pen
– Swiss refill (universal type)

“The design goal is achieved by connecting two identical barrels together to form a symmetrical pen body: half is a pen and half is a stylus. In addition, the extruded logo helps to prevent unexpected rolling on inclined surfaces and ease the twist-action of the pen.”

Available from Emmo Home, 26.00.

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