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Àplat Culinary Totes

Àplat Culinary Totes

What you don’t know you need are some of these washable culinary totes by Àplat. Don’t roll your eyes, because you know that plastic bags are a no-no, and you also know that regular totes don’t always fit your purchases.

So, where to begin? Perhaps with the Grand Jardin Tote, which is extra wide to carry almost anything home from the market or to a dinner party. Or maybe the Vin Vertical Tote, perfect for carrying two wine bottles. If baguettes are your favorite things, there’s the Pain Tote. The Jardin was designed to hold flowers, citrus or herbs, while the collection of Culinary totes will carry a casseroles and serving bowls horizontal and upright.

Oh, and founder and industrial designer Shujan Bertrand believes in making the totes in small batches to ensure zero waste and happy workers while also keeping the manufacturing process local. Nice, right? Get one or two for yourself, and maybe one or two extra to keep as future gifts. Via Minimalissimo.

Àplat Pain Tote
Pain Tote, $48.00

100% organic cotton canvas
Machine wash cold & air dry

Zero waste sustainable design.
Made in San Francisco, CA.

Àplat Jardin Tote
Jardin, $40.00

Àplat Casserole Tote
Plat Culinary Tote, $37.00

Àplat Vin Horizontal Tote
Vin Horizontal Tote, $62.00

Available from Àplat, $37.00 - 160.00.

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