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Amish Scooter

Amish Scooter

Scoot around town with ease in this Amish Scooter. This version is a scooter-bicycle hybrid and it combines the best of both worlds. A powder-coated steel frame and fenders will stand up to all sorts of bumps and bruises while 16-inch wheels will get you to your destination almost as quickly as a regular bike. There’ll be little to no balance or knee strain issues, yet it’s large enough to tote around a bag of groceries. Plus, it won’t look like you stole a kid’s scooter, which is important for your reputation. A Pennsylvania-based Amish family has been manufacturing these for three generations; they invented the scooter as an alternative to a bicycle, which their church does not allow.

Designer: Stoltzfus Family

Kickstand, basket, rear and handbrake included.
Handles are made of rubber with subtle sparkles.
Ball bearing for easy steering.
Powder-coated steel frame and fenders.
Assembly required.
Weight Capacity: 175lbs

Available in Orange or Black.

Amish Made Scooter

Available from MoMA Store, $320.00.

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