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Alternate Future Collection by IGNOBLE

Alternate Future Collection by IGNOBLE

If you are looking for a smart and functional bag/backpack, IGNOBLE is a good place to start. We’ve featured their Cora Rucksack and the Lenore Backpack before, and now that they’ve just released two new bags it’s only right to shine some light on them as well. The Stilwin Seedpod Backpack is a sleek and compact daypack while the Wonderly Canister Rucksack covers your travel needs as it holds a higher capacity. Both bags are limited to a run of 325 pieces each, so if you’re interested, get a move on.

WONDERLY Canister Rucksack, $399.99

STILWIN Seedpod Backpack, $319.99 USD

IGNOBLE bags are quality made in the U.S.A., hand assembled in small runs by a military-grade soft goods production facility.

Available from IGNOBLE, 319.00 - 399.99.


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