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Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper Sofas

Holidays almost always means visitors, family or friends, and if you like those visitors enough to invite them to stay at your home, you certainly don’t want them to sleep on the floor. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a whole dedicated room just for guests (lucky you), you’ll need a sleeper sofa. Here’s a few sleepers that look comfortable to sit on and comfortable enough to get a decent night’s rest, not to mention they’re utterly acceptable to shoe-horn into your modern-ish abode.

Case Study Daybed
Case Study Daybed, $1,895.00

This one’s a classic, and though it sleeps only one, it’s a no-brainer for a smaller office or study.

Tandom Red Sleeper
Tandom Red Sleeper, $1,399.00

Not a bad price for a sleeper sofa, this one has thin arms, a bench cushion and two large back cushions; it transforms into a slide-down double bed easily.

One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa
One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa, $1,999.00

Blu Dot got it right with their One Night Stand, as you simply flip the seat forward to create a queen-sized mattress. Simple, spare lines work well with any sort of style.

Twilight Sleeper Sofa
Twilight Sleeper Sofa, $2,100.00

The Twilight is a little more edgy than the other sofas, as it has only a cylinder and rectangle to denote a seating and sleeping surface. The bolster has three positions for lumbar support, and move it all the way back to convert it into a daybed, queen-sized bed or two twin beds.

Bay Sleeper Sofa
Bay Sleeper Sofa, $2,600.00

Sofa, daybed, double bed or two twins, the Bay Sleeper has modern lines and curved back to make a cozy reading spot. Channel filled back pillows will keep feathers evenly distributed- no fluffing necessary. Removable slipcovers are an added plus.

Diplomat Sleeper Sofa
Diplomat Sleeper Sofa, $1,999.00

Operating under the same design as the One Night stand, the Diplomat also flips forward to become a queen-sized sleeper, quick as can be.

Lubi Sleeper Daybed
Lubi Sleeper Daybed, $899.00

The Lubi’s price tag is a little friendlier to the bank account and can sleep one or two- just remove the top to have a side-by-side queen.

Movie Queen Sleeper
Movie Queen Sleeper, $1,499.00

This one isn’t the most exciting, but that just means it’ll blend in nicely with your other furniture pieces. It functions in the traditional way- take the cushion off and pull out the 5.25″ coil/foam mattress in one (hopefully elegant) move.

Hopefully this list helps your future sleeping arrangements, however, if none of these are exactly what you’re looking for, let me know. I’ll keep my eyes out for other sleepers that might work.


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